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The president, chairman and the board members of the KSOG will pursue to achieve our long standing vision of restoring í░the right of OBGYN doctors and patientsí▒. Despite the tremendous efforts and work required, I believe we are eager after the realization of this vision and all possible efforts and supports will be made.

Firstly, the society will seek to improve the disadvantaging systems and conditions for both patients and doctors and therefore provide stable treatment environment based on the mutual trust between patient and doctor.

Secondly, the society will actively support developing advance medical technology and research performed in Maternal-fetal medicine, Oncology, Reproductive endocrinology, Gynecology and Urogynecology field, to improve women health and well-being.

Thirdly, the society will be at the lead in supporting young doctors who are to become OBGYN specialist responsible for women health in the upcoming future.

Fourthly, the society will constantly endeavor and demand to provide a reasonable and justifiable working condition to compensate the hard labor made by doctors contributing to maintain health and lives of the patients.

Fifthly, the society will endeavor to reinforce and establish a firm cooperative relationship between KSOG and other associated organizations such as government, other medical organizations and academic societies.

Despite the hard times we had faced for decades and difficulties to confront in future, I believe we can overcome adversity through continual effort of each one of all the members and cooperating team work as a whole. This is no time to sit in despair and speak of conventional language that medical society is at its dead-end. Now is the time to make medical environment justifiable for both doctors and patients in Korea. It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the condition. We must continue to strive for decent medical environment and rise to the heights of meeting ideal system.

I sincerely hope for well-being and happiness of all the proud members of KSOG working at the frontier of the medical field and taking responsibility of women health.

Sincerely yours,